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The CIRCA / Graham Lee Nieuports (& other designs)  Site

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May 2024!  (cant believe it's May already.)      
 A Lots of progress with C-IRCA's restoration (sorry, will post updates soon) 

40th Anniversary for CIRCA Reproductions!
It was in the spring of 1984 , Graham Lee commenced construction of the prototype Nieuport 11,  utilizing his aluminum construction technique.  Thank you to all who continue to build and fly my father's designs! 

Canadian Nieuport 12 !!! story , pics and vid clip coming soon!!

 "A Biplane in the Garden! " (book on Amazon)  : Richard Vary's Immaculate  7/8ths N11  more pics (here)

C-IRCA RESTORATION Project:  Part 3  (coming soon)  
BUILDING A BEAMER   (Still working on enhanced assembly illustrations of the ONW and TNW )
GLEE BUILDERS/OWNERS/PLANHOLDERS REGISTRY:   I invite you to update me if you are the current plans holder/owner/pilot of a GLEE aircraft design.   The info is fully confidential, however  for  users who consent, I will  publish a registry page accessable on this site.  

PROJECT / AIRCRAFT For Sale?  Advertise on contact me.

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A Canadian Nieuport 12!!! details soon. 

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Building  a Beamer  (TNW)


Building  a Beamer  (ONW)

Kansas City Dawn Patrol Videos -  here exclusively!!   

Over 9 hours of content including: Construction; Flying;

Modifications; Airshow footage; Floods;Invasion of Toads(?)

and MORE! A full account of 30+years; nearly 1000 hours of airtime (each); and countless airshows in the Nieuports  



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