was created in 2003. This site was a way for Graham Lee  to receive payment DIRECTLY  for his plans and drawings; to share his ideas; and offer advice to the builders who followed his economical aluminum tube and gusset  construction technique.  

Graham passed away with cancer in 2005.     It was his final wish that his plans continue to be offered to enthusiasts; and that the nominal proceeds, after costs and expenses,  benefit his 2 grandchildren.   We resolved to continue this site; to make plans available and to offer support on a best effort basis. 


I regret that some, but not enough of Graham's expertise "transferred" before his passing and feel it necessary to state that I cannot provide the technical support he used to;  and in balance of many other demands,  I apologize for delays in my responses to any inquiries.   

Nonetheless, I would like to thank the  enthusiasts of my father's designs for their patience, understanding, and good wishes we've received over the years. 

Thank you!