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Laurent Thomas'  Full Scale Nieuport 17 s/n 106

Laurent purchased his plans July 2nd 2005.    First flight : December 11, 2011. To date he has accumulated 261.5 hours with 323 landings!   

Powerplant: a BMW R100RS motorcycle engine conversion, with a Rotax C 1:3.47 reduction, and a 180 cm diameter prop.    Laurent estimates an output of approximately 57 hp at 5100 RPM  (1470 at the prop).  Cruise at 4000RPM (1150 at the prop )  Performance:  "It flies at 90 Km/h "  and climbs "slow" .

It has a glide ratio of 4, which Laurent advises he has "measured" directly - as a result of engine failures!!!  (YIKES)  ....apparently due to early engine fine tuning and cooling issues , which he's since sorted out. 


The aircraft colours chosen were of René Dorme (Père Dorme III.)  As can be seen,  Laurent is an airshow "rockstar" having participated in several airshows and celebrations across France with his beautiful Nieuport!    

                                                                                                                                                                  (click on the main picture to view full  screen)

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