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NIEUPORT 11 7/8 scale


Designed and prototyped in the spring of 1984, the 7/8 scale Nie. 11 went through a hurried 10 hours of serious test flying before being loaded on a trailer for the trip to Oshkosh. Flight testing included the usual stuff, while I was watching, (and some “unauthorized” activities when I was not.)


Loops, spins, Split S and a 4000ft power dive were performed on C-IRCA (do not try this at home folks! Aerobatics NOT recommended! )


The 11 can be built with lightweight TUFF wheels and a Rotax 447 in the US Ultralight category. As a registered homebuilt, (or UL in Canada) it can be built in a range of variants including the Ni 17/24/27 and Siemens Shuckert D1.

* Recommended powerplants include the Rotax 503, 447, or VW.


Construction: The structure is 6061 tube with pull riveted gussets and bolts. Wings and fuselage are fabric covered. Plans are designed for the first time builder with basic tools.



Span Main Wing: 21.6 ft

Span Sub Wing: 20.2 ft

Chord Main Wing: 3.6 ft

Chord Sub Wing: 2 ft

Wing Area: 114 sq. ft.

Span Elevator: 8.2 ft 

Length Cowl to Tail: 16.5 ft

Height: 6.6 ft

Weight Empty: 254 to 300 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 5 to 12 Gal US

Gross Weight: 550 lbs

Stall Speed: 27 to 30 MPH

Cruise: 62 to 80 MPH

Top Speed: 85 MPH

Never Exceed (Vne): 95 MPH

* Engine (best performance): 503 Rotax

* Reduction: 2.58:1

Propeller (flight): 72x33

Take off run: 250 ft

Landing Roll: 225 ft

G Factor (@ 550 lbs): +6 / -2.8

Tubes: 6061-T6

Gussets / fittings: 2024-T3

Build Time: 700 hours

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