NOTE:   The N 17 Full Scale Plans were drawn by Graham Lee upon huge demand from homebuilders.     Graham had never built a prototype, but he scaled up the design based on the time proven construction elements of the 7/8's aircraft.  


Designed and prototyped in the spring of 1984, the 7/8 scale Nie. 11 went through a hurried 10 hours of serious test flying before being loaded on a trailer for the trip to Oshkosh. Flight testing included the usual stuff, while I was watching, (and some “unauthorized” activities when I was not.)


Loops, spins, Split S and a 7000ft power dive were performed on C-IRCA (do not try this at home folks! Aerobatics NOT recommended! )


The 11 can be built with lightweight TUFF wheels and a Rotax 447 in the US Ultralight category. As a registered homebuilt, (or UL in Canada) it can be built in a range of variants including the Ni 17/24/27 and Siemens Shuckert D1.

* Recommended powerplants include the Rotax 503, 447, or VW.


Construction: The structure is 6061 tube with pull riveted gussets and bolts. Wings and fuselage are fabric covered. Plans are designed for the first time builder with basic tools.

NIEUPORT 11 7/8 scale

Span Main Wing: 21.6 ft

Span Sub Wing: 20.2 ft

Chord Main Wing: 3.6 ft

Chord Sub Wing: 2 ft

Wing Area: 114 sq. ft.

Span Elevator: 8.2 ft 

Length Cowl to Tail: 16.5 ft

Height: 6.6 ft

Weight Empty: 254 to 300 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 5 to 12 Gal US

Gross Weight: 550 lbs

Stall Speed: 27 to 30 MPH

Cruise: 62 to 80 MPH

Top Speed: 85 MPH

Never Exceed (Vne): 95 MPH

* Engine (best performance): 503 Rotax

* Reduction: 258:1

Propeller (flight): 72x33

Take off run: 250 ft

Landing Roll: 225 ft

G Factor (@ 550 lbs): +6 / -2.8

Tubes: 6061-T6

Gussets / fittings: 2024-T3

Build Time: 700 hours