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Richard Vary's  7/8ths Nieuport 11 

As chronicled in his book  "A Biplane in the Garden" :


Richard  describes his journey in learning to fly and the more recent construction of his  Nieuport in the UK, post the new Civil Aviation Authority's regs for ultra light aircraft.    


Having flown briefly with the Verner 3 V ;  it subsequently was displayed at the Annual UK Light Aircraft Association Rally in 2021;  and awarded the Albert Codling Trophy for best  "Part Built"  Aircraft!  (not bad for one's first homebuilt project!) 


Covering in the translucent  "Antique" Oratex fabric,  gives the aircraft a fantastic vintage appearance.  

The construction photos below document Richard's craftsmanship.   The aircraft now awaits upgrade to the Verner 5V and a "finishing of the 2nd (Druine) Turbulent rebuild"  currently in his shop.

                                                                                                                                                    (click on the main picture to view full  screen)

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