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Note :  As with all amateur built aircraft,  it is the builder's sole responsibility to ensure all precautions are taken to build and fly safely.  The purchaser hereby accepts all risks associated with construction and operation of amateur built aircraft.


Designed and prototyped in 1989 the 12 received , the test pilot’s comment was that: “It’s a Cream Puff”. At Oshkosh ‘90, it took 3rd place in the light plane category.


The 12 is constructed of the same materials as the Nieuport 11 with the exception of the main wing spars which are formed sheet. The 12 is a 2 place ideal for lazy afternoons and first time airplane rides. It is very stable as the original, which was designed to be a photo recon plane.


Recommended power plant is the VW with reduction or Rotax 582. Construction is fabric covered tube structure, pull riveted gussets and AN bolts.


Plans are oriented to the experienced builder with little instruction needed.


Videos are available of Building procedures 4 hrs (sorry poor picture quality) as well as a flight preview video (2 hours)



Nieuport 12 (7/8th Scale Plans)

  • Span Main Wing: 26.5 ft

    Span Sub Wing: 21.2 ft

    Chord Main Wing: 4.85 ft

    Chord Sub Wing: 31.5 ft

    Wing Area: 189 sq. ft.

    Span Stabilizer: 9 ft 

    Length Cowl to Tail: 21.5 ft

    Height: 7.5 ft

    Weight Empty: 575 lbs

    Fuel Capacity: 12 Gal US

    Gross Weight: 1070 lbs

    Stall Speed: 33 MPH

    Cruise: 75 MPH

    Top Speed: 94 MPH

    Never Exceed (Vne): 112 MPH

    * Engine (best performance): Rotec R2800 or Rotax 582

    * Reduction: 3.47:1

    Propeller (flight): 84'' diameter

    Take off run: ~300 ft

    Landing Roll: ~300 ft

    G Factor (@ 550 lbs): +5.7 / -2.8

    Tubes: 6061-T6

    Gussets / fittings: 2024-T3

    Build Time: 1400 hours

  • ALL plans will be sent via Xpresspost (US & Canada) and registered mail (International). Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. My part time shipper and full time student (Miranda, my daughter) does printing and mailings only on weekends. A tracking number will be emailed to you upon shipment. Thank you.

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