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NOTE: These experimental drawings are for experienced builders.


7/8ths scale construction drawings for the Sopwith Baby and Tabloid and several pages of Narrative from Graham on his construction technique.   NOTE Graham did not build a prototype of this aircraft, and had offered these drawings with unlimited online  advice to builders who wanted to employ his construction techique.    


I can answer questions on best effort basis.    

Sopwith Twins: Baby/Tabloid

  • Grahams original comments: 

    This a 2 plane set of plans. You can combine the desirable aspects of both. The Tabloid was produced first as a Bennet racer, and did very well. It was then adopted by the military. With all of the accessories added, it needed a bigger engine, a change of cowl, and rudder to become the Sopwith Baby. Both aircraft were 2 place side by side, but in 7/8 scale they are perfect for the average 200 pound pilot of today. The Sopwith’s construction techniques are similar to the Nieuports. 


    Suggested engine choices:  Hirth with 72 inch or larger prop.  VW (with reduction )  [or Verner 5VL]   (heavier engine up front is helpful for balance  and to preserve overall appearance. 


    NOTE: The tabloid skids are necessary  with the rearward placed wheels. The wheels can be positioned as on the baby without tip over skids

  • Wingspan: 21 ft 75 in

    Wing Area: 195 sq. ft.

    Length: 19 ft 5 in

    Height: 7 ft 43 in

    *Weight Empty: ~325 lbs

    Fuel Capacity: 12 - 15 Gal US

    *Stall Speed: 35 MPH

    *Cruise: 75 MPH

    *Top Speed: ~90 MPH

    *Never Exceed (Vne): 110 MPH

    Gross Weight: 650 lbs

    G Force Factor: 5.7+ 2.8-

       * estimated parameters.

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