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Part 2: It almost went to the recyclers...

It's funny looking at these pics now...

That spring morning, I approached the garage with "attitude".

I was bent on "getting rid of stuff".

As "Deconstruction for Disposal" continued, I decided to snap all of these pics just for my own future reference.

The process of disassembly brought back memories of the days when it came together.

C-IRCA was prototyped, often drawing from a pile of surplus materials from the Birdman Enterprises' Ultralight prototype boneyard!

All tubing used here have the familiar "Matte Oxide" colour of anodized tubing that Birdman used. The the 0.080 fittings at station 118 had 'extra holes' in them and I recognized them as having been repurposed from previous prototypes.

Although a bit 'grimy' from years of storage, the fabric was reasonably preserved. I decided to save the original "warrior" artwork painted on the sides by Dennis Maland (our test pilot) , who also happened to be a talented graphic artist!

The whole philosophy of the design was that it could be built economically; with parts and material substitutions (where not critical); based on what you have on hand.

...I had always wondered.. why was this forward fuselage member fastened with a castle nut???

.. I later realized while rummaging through the AN hardware parts cabinet ...

(which was Graham's personal "cache" back in the day)

...that he just happened to have a handful of 2 1/2 Drilled eyebolts . An eyebolt placed inside a tube, and bolted orthogonally thru the eye, was one of Graham's "tricks" for attaching cross members in a structure.

Absolutely stunning examples of the Nieuport have been built, including one or two Grand Champion show winners, but this prototype, was strictly a "beer budget" proof of concept aircraft.

....Well, fuselage stripped bare. Hopefully the metal recyclers will take it as is. I don't want to have to start drilling out all those rivets.... ???

I'm reminded of the day in around 1983 on the shop floor at Birdman Enterprises. Graham constructed a pop riveted structure with some scrap 7/8ths for "longerons" and 1/2" trusses. He then jumped up on it... ok he was only 5ft 4 and 120lbs, but... (Im more 'ballast' than that here) and after 38 years, still pretty rigid!

Having worked off my "get rid of stuff" funk for the day... I realized I had to at least stow everything back in the garage ... until I could arrange for started piling things back together.


.. It was the following weekend my local MDRA (Canadian homebult inspector) came by to look at my N12 project...

.. I decided I would keep the project , packed the items up and prepared for the move to my new place.

More to follow!...


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